Thursday, 15 April 2010

What a Week!!

I'll say it again, What a Week!! It's been great :0)

Where do I start? Chainmaille....
Well, I've been working on combining more sterling silver and niobium (in different colours) to add to my byzantine collections. I'm really pleased with the colours. I'm normally a purple/pink lover, but the dark blues have really caught my eye this time. Plus, it was the dark blue that Helen chose as her prize in my '200' fan giveaway. Again, well done Helen and thank you so much for being a fan.
While spreading the Link Love on facebook a couple of weeks ago, I came across a site TataniaRosa where I discovered these wonderful tatting designs by Heather Buckman. I loved them so much that I just had to put in an order right away.

At the top of the picture is a beautiful black cuff with swarovski crystals which will be tied behind MY wrist (time to spoil me I think!) with a red ribbon.... gorgeous :0)

For the pendants, I'm planning to add them to chainmaille chokers and am aiming for the gothic look. I shall hopefully be sharing some pics of my makes within the next week or so. You can click on the following link to get to Heather's site!/TataniaRosa?ref=sgm you really won't be disappointed.
Also.... I've been a busy bee on facebook this week ..... I found another site KSK Jewelry Designs run by a lovely lady called Kim Kaye who makes fantastic jewellery designs in a variety of mediums including PMC (precious metal clay), Swarovski crystal and as my picture shows, teeny tiny animal bones. These particular ones were apparently taken from an owl pellet. They were bleached and sterilised all by Kim herself before being put into the vial, how wonderful! I hear some of you groaning, but I've always wanted the opportunity to explore owl pellets. I just think that the way mother nature works is totally amazing. You can find more of Kim's designs by clicking on this link.!/KSKJewelryDesigns?v=wall&ref=mf Again, you won't be disappointed. And once my little vial of bones has arrived, I'll show you what I'm planning to do with it.
Well, I could go on for hours (my friends and family will all agree on that!!), but considering it's 4:30 in the morning, and I'm not sure if I'm actually going to get my post to 'post' properly, think I'll stop here and wish you all a wonderful day.
I'm going to be making a chainmaille snake chain otherwise known as a Half Persian 4-1 chain today, Ooh I can't wait to get started....
By for now
Keep Smiling
Naomi :0)xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sorry for no blogs....

Hi, I hope this shows, but I now have a couple of blogs in my drafts, but I can't get them to publish properly (I'm not even sure this message will come through).

Please bare with me as I do have lots to share with you.
Thank you for your patience
Naomi x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

March 23rd - ALREADY!!!

I really don't know where the time goes! I get up in the morning, have a cuppa, go into the studio and there I'll stay all day (with extremely frequent visits to the kitchen and kettle), then all of a sudden, I look out the window and it's dark. Another day gone.... At least I've got a few pics to show for it this week..... phew!!
I've had a chainmaille making week which I LOVE!!!

I bought some niobium jumprings recently and finally put them together with my homemade silver ones. I'm really pleased with the results...
I've called the green bracelet Avalon, which means Island of Apples. It's the English name derived from the legendary Island where the body of King Arthur is said to be buried.

The purple bracelet is Bleoberis which is another name from the Arthurian legends. I don't know it's meaning, but it does make me think of purple berries (hmmm, I hear you say).

There are matching earrings to go with both too! To see photo's of these (and others) you'll need to visit my facebook fan page photos

The weight of the silver with the niobium feels and hangs really well. I don't think I could have been more pleased with the results. I've now got loads more colours to play around with. I'm going to try to use them with different weaves too.... so watch this space (preview below).
Much of my time this week has also been spent visiting new and interesting facebook fan pages and websites. I'm going to have a look through some of my favourites and maybe share them with you at the end of the week. There are some really talented people out there!!
One of my lampwork bracelets was featured on Kirsten Bailey's site last week at, where she chose a theme for her weeks picks. Think I'll follow suit and choose a theme..... but what?..... come back and find out.
Thanks for stopping by
Keep Smiling
Naomi :0) xx

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers's Day!!!

***Happy Mother's Day***

to all those yummy mummies out there!

Even Merlin's smiling on our special day !!!

Well, I've spent the last couple of day's on Facebook just 'Linking Love'.

To help spread the word of our work and various sites, many artists have been visiting each others sites to share their details with one another. It's for every craft you could possibly think of (scrapbooking, jewellery making, painting, lampworking, card making, crochet etc..)! It's amazing how many people are out there creating wonderful masterpieces that I didn't know about.

So go on over to my Facebook Fan Page and click on my fans avatars to see what wonderful things you can find.

I've added quite a few of the sites to my favourites pages too.

Well that's it for mother's day.
Luke said he'd pop in to see me today (yay! son #1), so I'm going to put up my feet, have a cuppa and just enjoy my day :0)

Keep Smiling xxx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

23rd February, 2010

Hmm, it's been 4 months since I last visited my blog. How bad is that!

I've been really busy with making jewellery and even busier with photographing said jewellery (ugh!). I would be much happier if I could just play with my beads all day, every day. But hey ho! no money coming in means no more new beads (Shreik!!!).

I've managed to visit two bead shows already this year, Ardingly and Kempton Park.

Ardingly was a spur of t
he moment visit, all thanks to Rebecca Weddell's newsletter the evening before, saying that she would be there. I'd totally forgotten about the show. So THANKS Rebecca! I obviously visited Rebecca's table, but missed her duing one of her walk abouts. Bought some lovely beads though! (right... cough, cough.... left!). I also stopped at Sarah Downton's wonderfully stocked stall. Hmm, bought more beads. Then onto Dizzy Di! Spent about an hour chatting.... bought more beads. Then finally found Joanne Rohrer of Glass Tales... apparently I spent about an hour and a half here (Mark even went and sat down - poor thing!)... chatted lots... bought lots more beads... yay!!!

Oh boy, I went home in a very happy mood!
Got home and drooled even more over my lovely new beads.

Kempton Park was much the same. Found Joanne Rohrer and Beverley Hicklin (Beverley's beads left). Bought MORE beads. Joanne was wonderful, gave me lots of advice re:silversmithing. She's a really lovely lady. Thank you Jo..... Hugs!
Tried to say Hi to Di but her stall was always jam packed, so sorry Di but I did drop in :)

And now I am desperately trying to catch up with all my photography and listing it on my sites, so that I can Play! Play! Play!

Ooh, and do Keiara's hair in some wonderful coloured colinette! Promise I haven't forgotten honey :-)

Stay Happy
Naomi x

Thursday, 29 October 2009

29th October, 2009

Hi, Happy Almost Halloween

As you can see, this is my very first post, so please bare with me, as I don't really know what to talk about yet, therefore, I know I'm going to waffle! (no surprises there for anyone who knows me :-))

So....I had a great day today. I visited my wonderfully talented friend Keiara Wells to add synthetic dreadlocks (in black, green and purple) to her hair. She looks fantastic! even if I do say so myself. This hairdo was obviously inspired by Halloween. Keiara is from Florida in America, where they celebrate halloween...... big time. The kids are going to love (EeeeeeK!) her when she answers their trick or treat knocks on her door Saturday night :-).

Keiara is also the talented lampwork artist who gave me a days tuition on the setting up of a lampwork studio, and also the basics of making my first beads (photo's to follow). And being a ladie of many talents, she also platted my hair with multi-coloured colinette last week, which also looks awesome. She's also been making dread beads for our hair. She has made me a pumpkin, a cupcake, a father christmas, a ladybug and a strawberry (photo's to follow). I shall be wearing them all when I go to dinner with her tomorrow night. Yay!!! I am totally spoilt.
Thank you Keiara for being a great friend.

28th October, 20009

I had a wonderful day today too. I was visited by my wonderful friend Jen and her daughter Dolly. We have been friends now for nearly 4 years. It's quite comforting when she visits, as it's great to talk to someone just a nutty as me! We seem to be on the same level as each other (which i fully believe is on another level to most normal people). But hey..... we're happy .

Luke then popped in with his friend Jodie to say hi for a couple of hours.
And then we were visited by Donna, Clive and April, wonderful long standing friends of mine ( they're obviously gluttens for punishment).. And to top it off, they bought round a GIANT COOKIE! Thank you so much you guys... By the way it's delicious! Hands up if anyone wants a, ok :-) ... more for me...... hehehe! (Don't say I did'nt offer).

Well, that's enough waffling for now. Check back soon, when I'll hopefully be able to tell you about my endeavours of jewellery making and lampworking. I'll get some picture up too. Any coments or critisism will be most welcome. I'm always willing to listen to other peoples opinions (even if it's negative, as long as it's done politely)

Waffle again soon
Take Care
And don't forget to share your smiles........... they are contagious
Naomi :-)