Thursday, 29 October 2009

29th October, 2009

Hi, Happy Almost Halloween

As you can see, this is my very first post, so please bare with me, as I don't really know what to talk about yet, therefore, I know I'm going to waffle! (no surprises there for anyone who knows me :-))

So....I had a great day today. I visited my wonderfully talented friend Keiara Wells to add synthetic dreadlocks (in black, green and purple) to her hair. She looks fantastic! even if I do say so myself. This hairdo was obviously inspired by Halloween. Keiara is from Florida in America, where they celebrate halloween...... big time. The kids are going to love (EeeeeeK!) her when she answers their trick or treat knocks on her door Saturday night :-).

Keiara is also the talented lampwork artist who gave me a days tuition on the setting up of a lampwork studio, and also the basics of making my first beads (photo's to follow). And being a ladie of many talents, she also platted my hair with multi-coloured colinette last week, which also looks awesome. She's also been making dread beads for our hair. She has made me a pumpkin, a cupcake, a father christmas, a ladybug and a strawberry (photo's to follow). I shall be wearing them all when I go to dinner with her tomorrow night. Yay!!! I am totally spoilt.
Thank you Keiara for being a great friend.

28th October, 20009

I had a wonderful day today too. I was visited by my wonderful friend Jen and her daughter Dolly. We have been friends now for nearly 4 years. It's quite comforting when she visits, as it's great to talk to someone just a nutty as me! We seem to be on the same level as each other (which i fully believe is on another level to most normal people). But hey..... we're happy .

Luke then popped in with his friend Jodie to say hi for a couple of hours.
And then we were visited by Donna, Clive and April, wonderful long standing friends of mine ( they're obviously gluttens for punishment).. And to top it off, they bought round a GIANT COOKIE! Thank you so much you guys... By the way it's delicious! Hands up if anyone wants a, ok :-) ... more for me...... hehehe! (Don't say I did'nt offer).

Well, that's enough waffling for now. Check back soon, when I'll hopefully be able to tell you about my endeavours of jewellery making and lampworking. I'll get some picture up too. Any coments or critisism will be most welcome. I'm always willing to listen to other peoples opinions (even if it's negative, as long as it's done politely)

Waffle again soon
Take Care
And don't forget to share your smiles........... they are contagious
Naomi :-)

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  1. awww, Gnomie, I loves you!! YAY for a blog! I can't wait to read more about your work and see lots more jewellery & lampwork pics too! YOU are the great friend.. I'm just the lucky recipient of your generosity.. which I would never abuse in any fashion.. just don't forget your step-ladder when next I make you stand up for 3 straight hours blanket stitching my hair!! MWAHAHAHA! Love you, sweetness :) <3 xox