Tuesday, 23 February 2010

23rd February, 2010

Hmm, it's been 4 months since I last visited my blog. How bad is that!

I've been really busy with making jewellery and even busier with photographing said jewellery (ugh!). I would be much happier if I could just play with my beads all day, every day. But hey ho! no money coming in means no more new beads (Shreik!!!).

I've managed to visit two bead shows already this year, Ardingly and Kempton Park.

Ardingly was a spur of t
he moment visit, all thanks to Rebecca Weddell's newsletter the evening before, saying that she would be there. I'd totally forgotten about the show. So THANKS Rebecca! I obviously visited Rebecca's table, but missed her duing one of her walk abouts. Bought some lovely beads though! (right... cough, cough.... left!). I also stopped at Sarah Downton's wonderfully stocked stall. Hmm, bought more beads. Then onto Dizzy Di! Spent about an hour chatting.... bought more beads. Then finally found Joanne Rohrer of Glass Tales... apparently I spent about an hour and a half here (Mark even went and sat down - poor thing!)... chatted lots... bought lots more beads... yay!!!

Oh boy, I went home in a very happy mood!
Got home and drooled even more over my lovely new beads.

Kempton Park was much the same. Found Joanne Rohrer and Beverley Hicklin (Beverley's beads left). Bought MORE beads. Joanne was wonderful, gave me lots of advice re:silversmithing. She's a really lovely lady. Thank you Jo..... Hugs!
Tried to say Hi to Di but her stall was always jam packed, so sorry Di but I did drop in :)

And now I am desperately trying to catch up with all my photography and listing it on my sites, so that I can Play! Play! Play!

Ooh, and do Keiara's hair in some wonderful coloured colinette! Promise I haven't forgotten honey :-)

Stay Happy
Naomi x

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  1. your jewellery is SOOO gorgeous, sweetie :) LOVE the top bracelet! Haha, yes, come do my hair!!! ;) Love you <3